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Caregiver Spotlight: Meet July Jones

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Caregiver Spotlight: Meet July Jones

July Jones, an LPN from Texas, worked as a Vaccination Nurse for Jogan Health in Colorado for five months before recently returning home.

Her personal story is inspiring, as are her collection of unique experiences.

A nurse for 18 years, July initially worked as a Medical Assistant before taking a role as an administrative assistant for a construction company that was part of recovery at ground zero at the World Trade Center in New York City.  She then moved to Texas to put up security entrances at airports before going back to school to become an LPN because, as she puts it, “I missed being in the healthcare field.”

Jogan Health appreciates the time July spent caring for communities in Colorado.

And she is quick to note her appreciation for Jogan Health.

“Jogan provided a great experience,” July said. “The supervisors were very approachable and available, the work was very rewarding and the pay was very competitive with the market. I would definitely recommend Jogan to other medical professionals.”

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