Nurses Month At Jogan Health

Happy Nurses Month!

Jogan Health celebrates Nurses Month by recognizing the people who have sacrificed time and effort working on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic. An example of Jogan’s ongoing tribute to nurses can be seen here. As part of its tribute to nurses during Nurses Month, Jogan Health is also sharing stories of its working nurses.  With a mission to “care […]

Caregiver Spotlight: Meet Mali Singha

Malivone “Mali” Singha, an RN who had been travel nursing since 2016, was searching for change and opportunity late last year when she accepted an assignment at a mobile vaccination site in Oregon staffed by Jogan Health. At Jogan, she found an opportunity to both further her own goals, and join the mission of serving […]

Caregiver Spotlight: Meet July Jones

July Jones, an LPN from Texas, worked as a Vaccination Nurse for Jogan Health in Colorado for five months before recently returning home. This Caregiver Spotlight is dedicated to her and people like her, who make up the foundation of healthcare processes everywhere. Her personal story is inspiring, as are her collection of unique experiences. A […]