Jogan Health Expanding Efforts to Protect Communities Nationwide

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A company that administered more than 1 million vaccine doses and helped staff more than 200 healthcare facilities during the pandemic is expanding its business to become an industry leader in the post-COVID world. Jogan Health Expanding Efforts to Protect Communities Nationwide Jogan Health, which is reinventing healthcare staffing and […]

Claire Boyles Gets Jogan Health THPs from ‘Here to There’

At Jogan Health, we like to highlight the stories oof our employees, in an effort to thank them and ensure they know how much we value them. In essence, their personal and professional accounts of life at Jogan make up the living history of our organization’s influence on the healthcare system, and on individual lives. […]

Meet Our Team: Amy Ables and Brandon Freeman

Amy Ables and Brandon Freeman each play a huge role in Jogan Health’s effort to care for communities. Working together and individually, they have served as leaders for epidemiology services, infectious disease control, case investigation, contact tracing and a host of other projects. It’s time to get to meet our team, and Amy and Brandon are […]

Nurses Month At Jogan Health

Happy Nurses Month!

Jogan Health celebrates Nurses Month by recognizing the people who have sacrificed time and effort working on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic. An example of Jogan’s ongoing tribute to nurses can be seen here. As part of its tribute to nurses during Nurses Month, Jogan Health is also sharing stories of its working nurses.  With a mission to “care […]

Caregiver Spotlight: Meet Mali Singha

Malivone “Mali” Singha, an RN who had been travel nursing since 2016, was searching for change and opportunity late last year when she accepted an assignment at a mobile vaccination site in Oregon staffed by Jogan Health. At Jogan, she found an opportunity to both further her own goals, and join the mission of serving […]

Caregiver Spotlight: Meet July Jones

July Jones, an LPN from Texas, worked as a Vaccination Nurse for Jogan Health in Colorado for five months before recently returning home. This Caregiver Spotlight is dedicated to her and people like her, who make up the foundation of healthcare processes everywhere. Her personal story is inspiring, as are her collection of unique experiences. A […]

Emergency Care Standards: A Thank You from New Mexico

A New Mexico hospital offered a public “Thank You” to Jogan Health for assistance it provided during a healthcare crisis that hit the region late last year. The San Juan Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) ordered emergency care standards in November 2021 as COVID case numbers climbed and its Intensive Care Unit had to be expanded.  Emergency Care […]

Making ‘Friends’ as a Jogan Health Traveler

Monica, Joey, Chandler . . . . We all have some form of appreciation for the TV show Friends. But at least one Jogan Health professional is a certified “Friends Freak.” Martha Fuentes watches episodes of the 1990s sitcom constantly when she’s not on the job as a traveling Registration Technician for Jogan Health. Her […]