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Making ‘Friends’ as a Jogan Health Traveler

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Monica, Joey, Chandler . . . . We all have some form of appreciation for the TV show Friends. But at least one Jogan Health professional is a “Friends Freak.”

Martha Fuentes watches episodes of the 1990s sitcom constantly when she’s not on the job as a traveling Registration Technician for Jogan Health.

Her admission about Friends – along with the fact her cellphone is decorated in a Friends theme – leads to an obvious question: Were Ross and Rachel “on a break?”

“They were not on a break,” Martha, a Texas native who recently worked on an assignment with Jogan in Colorado, replied with a laugh.

Incidentally, Martha’s experience with Jogan in Colorado was filled with both Friendsand actual real-life friends.

“One great thing about working for Jogan is that it gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of nurses and a lot of healthcare workers from different places,” she said. “I made a lot of new friends and really loved the opportunity Jogan gave me. Another great thing was the opportunity to travel for work. I would probably never have made it out of Texas, but suddenly there I was, working in a great place and experiencing a different part of the country.”

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