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The solution to chronic dehydration is simple

In recent years, new studies have shown a new trend of dehydration across American adults. We all know the human body is made up of 55-65% water, and yet over 70% of adults suffer from chronic dehydration. This is a staggering set of statistics that takes on a different weight and severity when seen in the light of corporate wellness.

How much of your life do you spend at work? What about your loved ones, coworkers, or employees? On average, a person will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work! But the pressures of corporate environments that demand more and more from their workers mean that this huge chunk of life is taken up by high stress tasks that leave employees drained of any energy.

With this, comes a natural theory: what if this is where the chronic dehydration statistic stems from? If employees’ health habits are being deprioritized during a big chunk of the work week, who’s to say hydration isn’t one of them? If we’re chronically at work, then are we chronically thirsty while we’re there?

A Changing Job Landscape: Chronic Dehydration, Burnout, and Quit Rates

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2022 data shared by Gallup shows that a third of all workers are either “always” or “very often” burned out at work. But this has been a rising trend! As recently as 2021, another survey found that 70% of employees would leave their job because of burnout symptoms. Those numbers are steadily rising and they represent a real risk to corporate management teams.

If dehydration is linked to falling health standards, burnout, and high quit rates, then encouraging your employees to hydrate, rest, and recuperate while at work is the best option for both employee health and corporate cohesion. This is one of the main reasons for establishing and maintaining a corporate wellness program at your organization. However, we know it’s a big ask, so we’ve put together five easy steps to setting it up!

Five Initial Steps for a Corporate Wellness Program

HidrateSpark®PRO glows to remind you to drink and tracks your intake on a Bluetooth compatible app so you can meet goals based on personal metrics.
  1. Encourage Healthy Food Options at Work: If your organization has vending machines, coffee machines, or any food/drink purchase areas, ensure that healthy options are available to your employees. Another way to inspire them to eat healthier is hosting lunches with included meals, as you can ensure the food you are providing is nourishing, balanced, and full of energy.
  2. Organize Events: Walk-a-thons, marathons, and interdepartmental team sports are all good ways to get your employees moving. So is encouraging bicycle use by ensuring there are properly set up areas to lock up bikes.
  3. Ensure Accessibility: This brings us to general accessibility. Is your office building or corporate office set up with proper access points for wheelchair and other assistive technology? If not, it might mean that your employees don’t feel safe and secure at their chosen place of work.
  4. Help Employees Form Habits: Sending out simple weekly e-mail reminders with some helpful statistics about health, happiness, and productivity might be a good idea. This way, you can remind employees of the importance of their health and wellness, as well as encourage them to form better habits throughout the year.
  5. Try Out HidrateSpark®PRO: We’ve saved the best for last! HidrateSpark®PRO is the new smart water bottle from Hidrate Inc. and it can be a cornerstone of a corporate wellness program in and of itself. Of these five steps, it’s the one we recommend the most. If you’re interested in giving your employees both an opportunity to improve hydration standards and something to talk about around the water cooler, read on!

How HidrateSpark®PRO Can Help with Chronic Dehydration!

HidrateSpark®PRO consists of a top-of-the-line, patented smart water bottle that tracks a user’s intake over the course of days, weeks, and months. In order to ensure the user meets hydration goals based on personal parameters such as height, weight, and gender, the user downloads the complementary app. Once the personalized parameters are set, the bottle glows periodically to remind users to drink water throughout the day. In addition to reminder glows, users receive friendly drink reminders on their phone. Users are positively rewarded with additional bottle glows when sips are taken and hydration goal is met for the day. Trophies and other gamification features are included in the app to make the experience fun, engaging and most importantly habit forming.


Customizable goals and reminders make this smart bottle both a great tool to encourage and build healthy hydration habits, and a hydration tool that is easy for all employees to participate and benefit from.

Remote Monitoring Options & Team-Building

Remote monitoring features can help you encourage employees to stay hydrated.

Our HidrateSpark® remote monitoring option, Hidrate Health, includes groups that users can join for friendly hydration competitions in an effort to fight chronic dehydration at an office. In the dashboard, the corporate wellness administrater can easily create user groups based on job type or location. They also have visibility to both individual and group hydration goals and progress allowing for personal hydration coaching.


Setting up an office group and having your employees join grants you endless possibilities for team building; all it requires is a creative mind! For example, when the Olympics are around the corner and the whole office is buzzing about it; why not make a HidrateSpark group for each sport or nation competing? Or perhaps team members can join their favorite Super Bowl team and compete for the hydration trophy. It’s up to you!

What’s most important is that HidrateSpark®PRO supports an atmosphere of health and happiness in the workplace without taking the fun out of it! The bottle itself comes in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Pick the right one for you and your team!

The Bottom Line: Wellness Benefits Employees & Management

When applied with empathy and enthusiasm, the affirmation of a well-conceived corporate wellness initiative can bring you closer to your employees. By investing in their health, they are more likely to feel like a part of the team!

The interdepartmental cohesion that corporate wellness programs can foster stems directly from their potential to directly impact employee happiness. Employees who eat healthy, drink tons of water, and get regular exercise have more energy and perform their tasks more efficiently.

Hydration has also been linked to increased productivity, enhanced physical performance, improved cognition, and decreased burnout. It makes sense; after all, it is easier to establish a work-life balance when your body is well-regulated. Due to this, a well-hydrated workforce is one that will always be prepared to tackle the obstacles your organization faces.

HidrateSpark®PRO is the key to a successful corporate wellness program! It can improve your office atmosphere, help employees prioritize their health, and generally bring you closer to your team. If you’re interested in learning more, visit Jogan Health or HidrateSpark®. Contact us today!

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