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Who We Are Defines Our Business


Bringing healthcare facilities and providers together by offering comprehensive staffing services for improved community care.


Revolutionizing healthcare through innovative staffing, services, and solutions.

About Us

Jogan Health is your comprehensive staffing partner! We strive to satisfy all healthcare staffing needs for both providers and facilities, acting as the bridge between these crucial sectors of the healthcare industry. If you are a healthcare provider or represent an organization who is looking for a partner to ease the job search and administrative tasks, you do not have to sweat the details. We will handle it for you!

Our Approach

Jogan Health wants to be your personal staffing team. We focus on attention to detail and a human perspective on staffing, ensuring that you can rely on us for everything from job changes to questions that might arise upon placement. Our team is friendly, approachable, and – most importantly – effective. Once you join us, you are part of the family for life, and we will treat you with the same empathy, respect, and expertise that we treat everyone on the team. You can trust us to have your best interests in mind, always!

Our Goals

  • Become your number one choice for an effective staffing partnership.
  • Ensure your success and your satisfaction with your placement.
  • Assist you, support you, and encourage you, even after you have found your perfect job.
  • What we provide

    Jogan Health provides staffing solutions to facilities and job opportunities to nurses to establish long-lasting and productive professional relationships. 

    Our success is built on values



    We earn our partners’ trust through our dedication to excellence.

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    We care, listen, and understand the needs of our facilities and providers.



    We envision a healthy community for all and work to support healthcare facilities and providers.



    We are committed to using technology to improve our response and staffing services.

    Our culture defines us

    Jogan Health relies on a diverse group of professionals, managers, and recruiters to achieve success.

    One passion we all share is a desire to support and improve the healthcare staffing experience.

    Our team is passionate, driven, and willing to put their varied skills toward ensuring the healthcare system works efficiently for everyone. 

    United Healthcare Staff

    Looking to join an awesome team?

    Unlock exclusive opportunities —
    access to comprehensive placement assistance, job listings, travel, lodging, and benefits.

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