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Why Drink Water?


Did you know that 75% of individuals are chronically dehydrated? Jogan Health and HidrateSpark® are on a mission to reduce chronic dehydration as staying hydrated is one of the most important factors to a healthy lifestyle. 

By using its patented smart water bottles and remote patient monitoring features, HidrateSpark® can bring advantages to both corporate wellness programs and healthcare facilities.

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Corporate Wellness

Hydrate for Health

Looking for ways to improve your employee’s health? Everyone drinks water, just not enough. Proper hydration leads to improved mental health, energy, and can lead to better health as dehydration is a factor in many chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and kidney stones. Starting a corporate hydration initiative is easy using the HidrateSpark® smart water bottle. Use the social aspect of our app to create teams or groups for fun competitions or to send out custom messages encouraging hydration intake. The app includes an achievement and trophy system allowing users to compete and motivate each other. Adding hydration to your corporate wellness initiative is an activity that everyone can participate in, and actively engage in.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Next Level Patient Care

As a medical professional, how many times have you had to rely on self-tracking information from your patients? The challenge is they may not always accurately assess their efforts towards reaching a goal or consistently record data. To improve remote patient data collection and care decisions, we offer Hidrate Health, along with HidrateSpark® smart bottles. This gives you the ability to remotely monitor hydration levels of patients who have joined your patient group. When patients download the app and join your patient group, you can send programmed or custom messages encouraging hydration intake. While the user groups and rewards help motivate users, the data also offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for research and analysis.

How Remote Monitoring Works

Hidrate Health is easy to set-up resulting in unique and actionable insights.


Distribute HidrateSpark® smart water bottles to your participants

HidrateSpark® smart water bottles automatically collects fluid intake data and encourages users to form healthy hydration habits.


Create a Hidrate Health Group or Multiple Groups

Invite participants to opt in. Participants can be in more than one group.


Monitor and analyze hydration data from your group


Avoid dehydration and potential health complications by monitoring individuals’ fluid intake down to the ml. Data can be used to find correlations between hydration and health outcomes. HidrateSpark® adheres to rigorous privacy and compliance standards to ensure data is secure.


Customize engagement with participants

Create fun challenges to motivate your group. If any participants show signs of poor hydration habits, custom push notifications can be created and automatically sent to the individuals smart phone or watch for additional engagement.

HidrateSpark App Dashboard

Hidrate Health is easy to use so your group can stay hydrated.


Home Dashboard


Provides an easy to view update of your team’s progress, challenge status, summary analytics, and sustainability impact.



Live Hydration Data

Have visibility to real-time hydration data for individuals and how water was consumed throughout the day, along with visual progress toward reaching goals allowing for actionable individual hydration coaching and messaging.


Send & Schedule Custom Notifications

Create your own custom notifications and schedule them to go out to the entire group, sub-groups, or specific individuals.


Create Engaging Challenges

Help participants to stay hydrated with fun challenges you design for your team to keep them engaged and motivated.
Hidrate Health App Dashboard

Build Positive Hydration Habits

Hidrate Health App Dashboard Mobile

HidrateSpark® leverages scientifically-proven psychological principles to encourage healthy fluid intake and foster sustainable hydration habits through its innovative smart water bottle and companion app. By combining the two, users are held accountable and hydration becomes a natural part of their routine with the assistance of glowing reminders and gamification.

During a clinical trial performed at the Mayo Clinic, participants who used the HidrateSpark smart water bottles reported a 50% reduction in forgetfulness related to fluid consumption, in comparison to the control group that did not use the HidrateSpark water bottles.

Hydration Directly Impacts

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heart pressure
Blood Pressure
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Type II Diabetes
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Heart Disease
Productivity vector
Blood Drop vector
Blood Glucose Levels
Stick figure running
Physical Performance
Weight Managment
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Cognition & Mood
Kidney vector
Kidney Disease

Ready to Hydrate for Health?

Learn how HidrateSpark® combined with Hidrate Health Remote Monitoring can positively impact your employees or your patient’s health.

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