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Dave Tabor, Head of PROCO360 and Dan Dietrich, CEO of Jogan Health

From $300,000+ in credit card debt to over $1Billion in Profit

At Jogan Health, we are always proud of the ways our ingenious thought-leaders, professionals, and disruptors are improving the community. On March 3rd, our CEO Dan Dietrich spoke to Dave Tabor, host of Colorado-based podcast PROCO360, about the incredible success of his initiatives. Learn how Dan turned a pile of debt into a host of companies that are working right now to improve the community! Our own organization would not exist without Dan, and we cannot wait to see what he does next.

Click the video below to listen to the 45 minute podcast and learn all about healthcare staffing, assistive traffic technology, and a host of other services that are quickly becoming an integral part of our infrastructure and community.

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