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Every good road trip story starts with a long list of plans and ends with an even longer list of unplanned incidents. 

But for Pete and Adam Cantu, a father-son traveling nurse team, getting from Point A to Point B was only a small part of their Jogan Health journey. The only regret was that they had not tried it sooner.

In recognition of Father’s Day, we spotlight Pete and Adam, who began their adventure with an 18-hour drive from the southern tip of Texas to a Jogan Health mobile vaccination clinic in Colorado.

“I’ve been an LPN for a long time, but I’d always worked in acute care and in a hospital setting,” explained Pete, who accepted the traveling nurse assignment with Jogan Health to gain experience while also spend quality time with his son, Adam. “We both decided to join Jogan Health and provide care at a mobile vaccination site. It turned out to be a wonderful experience – not only for us a father and son, but also in helping a community during a tough time. We both enjoyed our time and we both appreciate the opportunity Jogan Health gave us.”

Adam, who became an LPN after encouragement by his father, had only one demand when the duo made the decision to become travel nurses.

“When dad and I talked about taking the Jogan Health assignment and he said, ‘let’s do it,’ I immediately replied ‘OK, we are driving across the country, not flying over it,’ and we are going to take in everything and enjoy the trip,” Adam said. “And that is exactly what we did. It was a wonderful thing for us.”

In Colorado, the Cantus spent their spare time sightseeing, hiking and exploring. They even did some tubing on a snow-covered mountain.

On the job, they provided much-needed care and met a lot of new friends.

“The people were awesome – both the patients we administered vaccines to and the other Jogan healthcare professionals we worked side-by-side with during our assignment,” Adam said. “To be able to experience all of that with my dad was incredible. We will always have stories to tell.”


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