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Announcing Open Travel Nurse Positions

Jogan Health has taken yet another step in broadening its reach. This time, the organization is partnering with “The Gypsy Nurse,” an online travel nursing resource, to post open positions and share helpful tips with providers.

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo.June 28, 2023


The travel nursing industry has been in full swing in recent years and community mainstay Jogan Health has never shied away from supporting nurses. In a move aimed at expanding their reach and impact, the organization had partnered with premiere online nursing resource The Gypsy Nurse.

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The partnership includes job listings, which Jogan Health will post on for increased impact, blog articles written by Jogan, to be published in the “Articles” section of the same platform, and two social shoutouts a month mentioning Jogan on behalf of the Gypsy Nurse, which will establish the partnership in the eyes of travel nurses everywhere. If the first shared blog post – titled “Nervous Nursing: How to Manage Stress as a Rookie Travel Nurse” – is anything to go by, Jogan Health has some insightful tips for travel nurses that are sure to help them perform their jobs more effectively.

Getting their start as a simple blog platform, The Gypsy Nurse has grown to encompass the most popular brand in travel nursing today. The team of professionals, led by CEO Steve Curtin, offers powerful tools, and disseminates insightful social commentary to an ever-growing community of providers. Jogan Health founder and CEO Dan Dietrich believes in this new initiative and has shown his support.

"The folks at Gypsy Nurse have made a name for themselves as a resource for some of the most crucial members of our healthcare system," says Dietrich. "In many ways, their boost in popularity mirrors Jogan's own. We're looking forward to the synergy between our two healthcare cornerstones."

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Jogan Health was founded on the principle of helping communities in need during healthcare staffing shortages. We delivered hospital surge staffing and public health services to medical facilities and communities all over the country. Today, we continue to focus on the care in healthcare by reinventing staffing partnerships and expertly matching healthcare providers with facilities. We also provide public health services for hospitals, cities and counties. We continue to look forward and have expanded into offering innovative technological solutions to the healthcare community at large. 

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