Getting THPs from Point A to Point B has been Claire Boyles’ assignment since late January. And as she nears her 6-month mark later this month, the Jogan Health transportation specialist says she’s realizing how much she is learning.

About herself, about the Pacific Northwest – and about Jogan.

“Driving for a living is something I never thought I’d do, but I’m really enjoying it and I’m really enjoying the daily interaction I have with nurses and with the people at the hotels where they are staying,” said Claire, who is from West Virginia but is currently driving for Jogan Health’s operations in Oregon. “It’s really been a learning experience and Jogan’s leadership has been great as I’ve grown into the driver role. The transportation team at Jogan headquarters have been very helpful. The whole thing is new to me, but I really am focused on helping Jogan accomplish its mission in Oregon.”

Claire, who spent time in the military, says getting to explore the scenic beauty of Bend, Eugene and other parts of Oregon.

“It’s a completely new part of the United States for me and I love seeing it everyday as I’m driving,” she says.

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