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Our original mission at Jogan Health has always been to match healthcare providers to the best organizations. In this spirit, our Locum Tenens program is the perfect choice for both establishments looking for physician staffing solutions and candidates looking for positions in a new place.

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Welcome to Jogan Health Locum Tenens

What is Locum Tenens?

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Locum Tenens is a strange word for a simple concept. In Latin, it means “to hold the place of,” and refers to temporary physicians that assist medical facilities and hospitals by filling spaces created by a hectic healthcare system and changing circumstances.

Locum Tenens by Jogan Health offers organizations and physicians a host of benefits:

  • Help prevent provider burn-out.
  • Increase patient access to care.
  • Provide schedule flexibility for providers.
  • Cover gaps for organizations.

In the past, Locum Tenens programs have been a perfect option for physicians that are near the end of their career but would like to continue working flexible hours. While this is still their main function, there has been a noticeable uptick in Locum Tenens candidates who are fresh out of their residency programs and crave both a consistent source of work, and the freedom to see the world in their youth.

Whatever your reason for wanting to partner with Locum Tenens by Jogan Health, we are here to ensure that you end up at the institution where your specific skillset can make the largest impact on the community.

The History of Locum Tenens

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Our Values


We strive to earn trust through our dedication to excellence, performance, and integrity.


We are committed to technologies and support systems that improve the healthcare system.


We promote, train, and celebrate empathy and inclusion in support of our mission.


By forming lasting relationships, promoting equity, and encouraging teamwork, we help communities thrive.

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About Us

Whatever your needs as a medical provider or organization, Locum Tenens by Jogan Health is the perfect path to expanding your clinical expertise and providing coverage at a host of locations. If you’re a provider looking for temporary placement on your own terms – or simply want to try a new city – Jogan Health has the connections and tools to facilitate the next step in your career journey. If, on the other hand, you’re an organization looking for quick gap coverage and managerial assistance, we can help place top talent from all over the world at your facility in days. Contact us now!

Our Mission

Jogan Health provides healthcare staffing solutions and services to institutions in need. We match caring, enthusiastic, skilled individuals to the facilities and communities that we serve. 


We deliver hospital surge staffing, vaccination, testing, monoclonal infusion, and public health services nationwide. We are a trusted partner to public and private institutions for core and on-demand healthcare staffing and related services.


Jogan Health exists to relieve the stress of an overwhelmed healthcare system. Our people and the communities that we serve are our highest priority.


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