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Welcome to our blog where we aim to keep you informed with the latest and most important updates in the healthcare industry. Our platform features a variety of informative posts that range from news updates to caregiver highlights and healthcare trends that are happening around the world. Whether you're a healthcare provider, a caregiver or simply an avid follower of healthcare news, our blog is the perfect resource for you. We pride ourselves on providing concise and informative content that you can use to stay ahead of the curve.

CEO Dan Dietrich, influencer Nurse Johnn, Katherine, Brand Manager Nicole Zimmerman, and Laura getting ready to kick-off an evening of making memories at the Taylor Swift concert.

Jogan Health Honors Incredible Story in the Face of Adversity

Healthcare Staffing Caregiver Spotlight Healthcare Providers Jogan Resources Jogan Stories Nurses Press Releases A Story of Strength in the Face of Adversity ENGLEWOOD, Colo., July 20, 2023 In a move that displays true empathy, Jogan Health offered two tickets to Katherine Gibson and her sister Laura. Unlike concert ticket winners from the Jogan Health Concert

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Best states for nurses

What Are the Best States For Nurses?

What are the best states for nurses? ? Deciding what the best states for nurse are is a largely subjective exercise. The lifestyle you lead, family connections, and pay grade are all inform what the “best” state for you is. That said, there are absolutely states that offer more perks,

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Is A Nurse Staffing Agency Right For You?

Due to the changes happening in the healthcare industry today, there is lot of pressure that falls on HPs. This is especially true when it comes to credentialing, placement, and continuity while on the job. A nurse staffing agency can be a valuable resource for healthcare professionals seeking employment opportunities.

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New Partnership Between the Gypsy Nurse and Jogan Health

Staffing Innovator Jogan Health Partners with Premiere Platform “The Gypsy Nurse” to Provide Open Positions to Traveling Nurses Jogan Health has taken yet another step in broadening its reach. This time, the organization is partnering with “The Gypsy Nurse,” an online travel nursing resource, to post open positions and share

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nurse in blue sitting on the floor

7 Tips for Nurses To Cope With Migraines

One of the main symptoms of healthcare provider burnout is recurring migraines. This highlights the importance of migraine and headache awareness! In fact, South Indian researchers conducted a study in 2021 and determined that students entering the healthcare profession were already at a potentially elevated risk for these effects. It might be tempting to

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Nurse with travel kit

The Perfect Travel Nursing Kit

If you’re a travel nurse, you know the first few hours of your shift don’t really start at the hospital; they start at the hotel, apartment, or house you’re staying in. When you wake up in a new place, your morning routine can become unpredictable and hard to manage. When

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