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9 Reasons to Consider Temp Nursing Jobs

Temp Nurse

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Nurses are one of the most crucial groups in the healthcare industry today. However, quite a few positions require travel and temp work. If you’re a nurse, you might be wondering what’s in it for you. After all, can temp nursing jobs really compete with permanent placement? The answer might surprise you.

6 Benefits of Temp Nursing Jobs

A question like the one presented above is always going to merit a subjective answer. However, temp nursing jobs can benefit you in obvious and not-so-obvious ways. Below, you can find a few of the unspoken but incredible ways that temp or travel nursing can improve your personal life, professional career, and even your social scene!

Low Commitment Level

One of the first benefits is the lack of a high commitment level. Short-term positions allow healthcare providers to try their hand at a particular branch, specialization, or aspect of medicine without having to commit to it for years or decades.

Test Run Employer

In conjunction, one of the boons of temporary HP work is that you can give a test run to employers and organizations you are interested in pursuing a career with. Need some to know if your dream hospital or medical facility really is for you? Temp work might be the perfect way to scope it out.

More Work-Life Balance

Though often thought of as a negative, working fewer hours a week can be a very attractive option for students or parents trying to balance career and family. Even if you don’t have children, flexibility in general can be a big draw to this line of work—especially when it means more time to explore a new city’s nightlife, for instance!

In addition to working fewer hours, temps may feel less pressure allowing them to avoid burnout—one of the main reasons for a recent lack of healthcare provider staffing options.

Higher Pay (Sometimes)

We would be remiss to mention that sometimes—and only sometimes—temp positions can pay more. It seems counter-intuitive, but it is not unheard of. The reason usually stems from the prospective provider being asked to fill in for a crucial team member, needing to get up to speed quickly, and taking on a large amount of work. It is also worth noting that this benefit does not go hand in hand with light work hours.

New Perspective

Though usually only a benefit in travel positions, new environments, cultures, and friendships can leave a lasting impact on a healthcare provider’s personal life.

Expand Job Prospects

Contrary to popular belief, temp work can expand job prospects and further careers. As a nurse or healthcare provider navigates temporary placement, they can start putting together a list of professionals from all over the country that can vouch for their talent and expertise – not to mention they will have access to a wealth of experiences and environments to hone their skills.

How Jogan Health Can Help

Jogan Health has a history that is intertwined with the healthcare staffing industry. We honor they key role of nurses, for it is their willingness to change roles quickly and effectively that has saved countless lives over the centuries. Above all, we support our providers. Are you good with different environments and unexpected variables? Do you crave the opportunity to prove your skills and gain experience all over the nation? If you join our team, we can help you get there! Contact one of our recruiters today!

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