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5 Best Shoes For Nurses That Will Make It Through Your 12-Hour Shift

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Does a long shift leave your feet sore? Ouch! You may want to reconsider your shoes.

But don’t just settle for the memory foam sneakers at your favorite box store. Sneakers designed for nurses withstand healthcare environments and support your feet — thus, your body.

Continue for our recommendations on the five best shoes for nurses.

5 Best Shoes for Nurses

1. FIGS | New Balance 327

FIGS are well-known for its designer scrubs and medical apparel. But did you know that FIGS also has footwear? In collaboration with New Balance, FIGS brings nurses all-day comfort and durability for on-the-go nurses.

The FIGS | New Balance 327 are FIGS’ core style, featuring antimicrobial insole and interior lining for anti-odor protection, waterproof suede, and studded rubber traction outsole.

The waterproof design is perfect for nurses. At the end of the day, wipe your shoes off with a damp rag and you’re ready for the next shift.

2. Dansko Professional Clogs

Clogs! Either you’re a diehard supporter or you cringe at their aesthetically challenged appearance. No matter what your opinion is, here’s a fact that we can all get behind: Clogs are comfortable!

Traditional clogs are close-toed and have soles shaped to fit the wearers feet, offering much-needed support for all day wear.

You’ll find Dansko Professional Clogs at the intersection of comfort and style. No unflattering neon colors here — we’re looking at you, Crocs. The professional clog is Dansko’s flagship sillouhette featuring all the modern details you need to stay comfortable all shift: contoured midsole for arch support, protective heel counter, and a padded instep collar. And the best part? The professional clogs come in a variety of materials and colors, from full grain leather to easy-to-clean TPU.

3. On Cloud 5

When we think of our ideal shoe, we want to feel like we’re walking on clouds. Luckily, this is a desire that we don’t have to daydream about.

On made our dreams to reality with the On Cloud 5 sneaker. The sneaker is made patented CloudTec® cushioning in Zero-Gravity foam, 44% recycled content, and antimicrobial mesh and taped reinforcements.

Take caution, though! Shoes may induce feelings of sleepwalking.

4. BALA Twelves

Running shoes are a common choice for many nurses. But before you get the latest high-tech, carbon fiber running shoes, consider that runners and nurses have unique needs. Runners may want supportive, lightweight sneakers that hold up after hundreds of miles. Nurses may also want those features in their work shoes. Nurses also may want waterproof, machine washable shoes for the often messy environments they work in. Enter: BALA Twelves.

The BALA Twelves provide the aesthetic of a running shoe with all the benefits of a nursing shoe. The shoe features an arch M-Brace proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness in the arch. Even more — yes, more — the high-traction outsole is created for hospital floors! BALA has thought of everything which is why it’s on out list of the best shoes for nurses.

5. Clove Classic

Clove is a high-tech sneaker company with healthcare workers at the forefront of the brand. Clove collaborated with healthcare professionals and footwear designers to create sneakers that withstand all the responsibilities of nurses.

Because Clove is made for healthcare workers by healthcare workers, it’s hard to choose just one shoe. But one shoe that is great for everyone is the Clove Classic shoe. The sneaker is made made of Clarino™, a microfiber fabric that imitates real leather so they’ll mold to your feet for increased comfort. The microfiber material is also fluid-resistant and easy to clean.


End your work day walking on clouds! A good pair of nurse shoes will support your feet, fend off aches caused by low-quality shoes, and have you ready to tackle the next shift.

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