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5 Best Shoes For Nurses That Will Make It Through Your 12-Hour Shift

Brunette nurse sitting on best and tying her best nurse shoes

Does a long shift leave your feet sore? Ouch! You may want to reconsider your shoes. But don’t just settle for the memory foam sneakers at your favorite box store. Sneakers designed for nurses withstand healthcare environments and support your feet — thus, your body. Continue for our recommendations on the five best shoes for […]

Nurse Burnout: What You Need To Know To Prevent Burnout

nurse in blue scrubs, a glove, and a disposable mask meditating

Fatigue, loss of motivation, decreased satisfaction — if this sounds like you, you may be dealing with nurse burnout. Burnout amongst nurses isn’t a new phenomena. However, nurse burnout didn’t receive national attention until the Covid-19 pandemic in which nurses were on the frontlines reckoning with a novel virus in a perilous environment. Read our […]

7 Helpful UV Safety Tips for Healthcare Providers

UV safety tips

July is the hottest month of the year for most US cities, so it makes sense that UV Safety Awareness Month would coincide with it. Skin health is pretty important, but we don’t often think about it as much as other aspects of our general health. In order to keep our providers as safe as […]

The Perfect Travel Nursing Kit

Nurse with travel kit

If you’re a travel nurse, you know the first few hours of your shift don’t really start at the hospital; they start at the hotel, apartment, or house you’re staying in. When you wake up in a new place, your morning routine can become unpredictable and hard to manage. When you add to it the […]

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