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Importance of Diversity in Healthcare

diverse healthcare providers

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Diversity in healthcare

The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving landscape and has become more diverse of late. Medical programs, for example, have seen a noticeable uptick in diversity. Furthermore, studies have shown that this trend is strongly tied to increased creativity, innovation, and decision-making on behalf of healthcare providers. But what if initiatives to foster diversity in healthcare could benefit not just healthcare provider teams, but patients as well? That might already be the case!

How Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce Benefits Everyone

According to a study published earlier this month in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the more diverse the make-up of a nursing workforce, the more positive the maternal health outcomes at that organization.

Additionally, according to a series of 2019 studies, patients generally fared better when care was provided by a more diverse team. These results could be connected to several factors:

  • Communication barriers come down when a healthcare provider can fluently speak the patient’s language.
  • Patients’ comfort levels with a healthcare provider increase when patients see themselves represented in their medical team.
  • A more diverse workforce equates to more varied perspectives, which can help in sourcing the best possible treatment.

Steps to Foster Diversity in Healthcare

Organizations can take certain steps to ensure their placement process is free of bias and based on experience and skills. The AACN has published a guide to enhancing diversity in the workplace and it’s a good starting point, but there are a host of additional ways to foster a truly wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and ideas at your medical organization.

One of the easiest methods to employ, and one that has been proven by institutions like the University of California, is to put in place educational programs and initiatives that attract a more diverse set of providers. Another good way to achieve this is to ensure that placement processes focus on skills-based admission.

Diversity in healthcare

At Jogan Health, we have always adhered to a job placement process that focuses exclusively on whether a provider is the best fit for the position. When applied effectively and without inherent bias, this option results in de facto diversity, as a truly blind process inevitably highlights that skills are equal across different experiences and backgrounds.

Jogan Health Can Help!

As a company, Jogan Health is eager to see more positive results stemming from this change that is happening in our industry. If you need a team of staffing professionals who will help you find the perfect hospital or facility for your career and development goals, you can trust our recruiters. Contact us today!

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