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Putting the Spotlight on Mali Singha


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Malivone “Mali” Singha, an RN who had been travel nursing since 2016, was searching for change and opportunity late last year when she accepted an assignment at a mobile vaccination site in Oregon staffed by Jogan Health. At Jogan, she found an opportunity to both further her own goals, and join the mission of serving communities in need of health staffing solutions.

She found exactly what she was looking for – and much more.

“Jogan has been great and the experience, from a nurse’s perspective, has been very rewarding,” said Mali, who has been serving a site in Portland since Thanksgiving 2021. “I was impressed early on when Dan Dietrich, Jogan’s president, came in to meet us and explain what Jogan is all about. He also asked us questions and told us that he appreciated the work we were doing. He said that he is proud of the company for serving communities, and that is he is proud of us for what we do. It meant a lot that the head of the company would do that.”

Serving Communities, One Nurse At A Time

serving communities

Mali was born in Laos but immigrated to the United States with her family when she was 7 years old. She grew up in Georgia, where her parents worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. Her parents, who raised three daughters, put an emphasis on education. Mali went on to earn a degree in Biology, with Chemistry as a minor. After getting married and having two children, Mali taught high school. She also spent time working as a certified pharmacy technician. 

Her introduction to nursing was influenced by a personal experience.

“My dad had a heart attack,” she explained. “One of the nurses that cared for him was a big motivator for me to go back and get my degree in nursing. I earned the degree and then worked as staff nurse all over the Atlanta area.”

 Following a divorce, Mali decided to try the travel nurse route in April of 2016.

Mali’s Work At The Vaccination Site

“Ever since then, I have had the opportunity to help others in different nurse settings – bedside nursing, outpatient nursing, transfusion nursing and now vaccination nursing,” she said. “This is the first time I have worked a vaccination site. COVID has been tough on everyone, but daily I have seen the care that our staff is giving, and it makes me proud to be a nurse, proud to be able to help others.”

Mali is excited to share that her son Jacob has a degree in Nursing and is currently working in a cardiac critical care unit. Her daughter Katie just graduated from high school with a dual program in both high school and college courses. Mali’s youngest sister Malayphone, known as “Little Mollie,” is an associate RN now. And her middle sister (Rattanaphone, known as “Rachel”) has a degree in finance and is currently a manager for Image Skincare.

Our vaults at Jogan Health re filled to the brim with stories like Mali’s. We believe that individuals are the bedrock on which a strong community is built – this is why it is always our mission to support our caregivers and nurses. If you’re a traveling RN, check out our job board; and if you know somebody looking for placement, refer them to us!

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