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by Terry Hasenauer, MS, CEM, CBCP, NEMAA

At Jogan Health, not only do we work together to “make it happen”, we also build a culture of caring. Some companies find it hard to describe their heart of corporate culture. We care for our healthcare providers and about the communities in which we support, work, and live. Most importantly, we care about our team members that are located throughout the US.

We strive to create an environment where team members can thrive, collaborate and work together to build a new approach to healthcare staffing and emergency response.

Below is a social media post written by Terry Hasenauer, which he shared on LinkedIn, that really captures Jogan Health and the work environment we are creating. We are lucky to have team members like Terry and hope you enjoy his story and much as we did. Here’s to #JoganCulture and #JoganHeart!

Jogan Health Spotlight: Terry Hasenauer

After I retired from the Coast Guard in September of ’22, I accepted the position of Response Operations Manager for Jogan Health.

I didn’t immediately announce this transition because I didn’t really have a clear message to share about leaving what felt like a tepid career for a new, mysterious opportunity. Now I’m happy to share that in just a few short months, I am galvanized with profound gratitude and exuberance that Jogan Health has given me a chance to thrive as a crisis leader, thought partner, and innovator in the emergency management field. The fetters are off!

I love that our mission is humanitarian in nature. I love that the company logo is a heart! That resonates strongly with me and is a reminder in times of crisis to lead with compassion, kindness, and service. I have the privilege of collaborating with an inclusive, diverse, and talented group of emergency response cadre members.

As strangers, these amazing caregivers unite at an incident with the raw material to be effective, adaptable, intelligent, and compassionate responders and quickly form into a strong, dedicated, resilient team. I am so impressed by our cadre! All of this has inspired me to pour my energy, creativity, and industry into the response operations program.

Already, Jogan Health is on the way to having a qualification, certification, and credentialing program that exceeds National Qualification System standards. Cadre members will soon have access to myriad training and professional development opportunities. They will grow on and off the mission! I will work tirelessly to ensure that every responder is armed with knowledge and tools to enhance resiliency and sustainment.

This is what the Jogan heart means to me. And as Jogan Health becomes a vanguard presence in the emergency management industry, I will confidently deploy our professional cadre to support mass care, emergency sheltering, public health, and community recovery missions all around the Nation. Onward!

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