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Jogan Health Expands Healthcare Staffing Services

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo., July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A company that administered more than 1 million vaccine doses and helped staff more than 200 healthcare facilities during the pandemic is expanding its business to become an industry leader in the post-COVID world.

Jogan Health Expanding Efforts to Protect Communities Nationwide

Jogan Health, which is reinventing healthcare staffing and protecting communities through unprecedented private-public partnerships and staffing initiatives, is building upon its success to provide staffing for emergency management agencies, including mass care support, medical team support, incident management and support, short-term, long-term recovery services, and other resiliency services.

“The world is changing, and we are changing with it, expanding the types of healthcare staffing we offer and the services we offer around the country,” said Dan Dietrich, president and CEO of Jogan Health. “We remain dedicated to our mission to care for caregivers and care for communities. But care is not just about modern technology or new medicine – it’s about people taking care of other people. That is what sets Jogan Health apart in this new world.”

An example of Jogan Health’s new offerings is in mass care support services. The company’s clinical and non-clinical staff can quickly manage a multitude of emergency needs during an incident. Jogan Health has qualified clinical and non-clinical professionals to staff all types of mass care operations, such as special needs shelters for people that require specialized care.

Along with staffing nurses and other healthcare professionals, Jogan Health also offers turnkey vaccination and testing services in communities of all sizes. It provides comprehensive healthcare services for public health and epidemiological services, including contact tracing and case investigation.

Current and past partners have noted the extra steps Jogan Health takes to assess the skills of the caregivers it places and carefully considers both the candidate and the facility, resulting in the lowest turnover rate in the industry. Healthcare professionals also go through comprehensive 7-step screening process before being placed.

“We have been a trusted and dependable partner during the COVID pandemic – staffing hospitals, collaborating with public health agencies, building and running vaccination program and operating treatment centers,” said Dietrich. “However, Jogan’s work will not be done once Covid is gone. We will continue to expand as long as there are communities in need that we can support.”

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