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CEO Dan Dietrich’s 2023 Letter to the Community

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What a ride it has been! In reflecting on our past accomplishments, I am impressed by what we have achieved; from streamlined health staffing solutions to community building, 2023 has been a time for evolution, adaptation, and success. I am eager to lead Jogan Health into another year of sales growth and expansion into new business opportunities. It is our dedication and laser focus on our goals and stay on a path of continued growth.   

As a young company, we have also had our challenges. Part of a start-up is falling and getting back up. That is part of the journey. The key is learning from our mistakes and using that information to continuously be and do better while we carve out new paths for success.  

What’s New For Jogan This 2023? Expanding Health Staffing Solutions and Bringing On New Prospects!

We will continue to focus on assembling a team of A+ players while investing in technology and programs to further strengthen our foundation. This new groundwork will carry us forward for years to come. 

We will continue to build our presence and market share in the healthcare staffing, emergency response, and locum tenens segments by approaching the market with our CARE model. We are in the matchmaking services, and we take that seriously. Our current partners appreciate personal communications, interactions, and attention to the details that we provide. We take pride in learning about both our partners and providers. 

New Projects On The Horizon!

HidrateSpark and Jogan Health Logos

Promoting hydration will be one of our key priorities as we launch our partnership with Hidrate, Inc. by providing healthcare facilities solutions to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies. Our CARE model will expand into safety in our communities with Jogan Traffic and into offering unparalleled medical spa experiences with MedSpa.  

Thank you to the entire Jogan team for their constant dedication to improving lives in the communities we serve and to the partners who have trusted us to fulfill their business challenges. This is just the beginning. We continue to build, grow, and launch new businesses that reflect our mission to improve safety in our communities.  If you’re a nurse or healthcare worker looking for prospects across the nation, check out our job board and learn more about our mission. Contact us today for help signing up!

To a healthy 2023, 

Dan Dietrich

Dan Dietrich 

President and Chief Executive Officer 

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