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Celebrate CRNA Week With Jogan Health

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At Jogan Health, all our dedicated employees are rejoicing today. Why? This Monday marks the start of National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Week, or CRNA Week! Today, and throughout the week, we will be keeping all our CRNA’s here at Jogan Health in mind, as they provide a key function in the healthcare environment that our communities so crucially rely on. If it weren’t for them, key capabilities and technology would be unavailable to hospitals, medical facilities, and patients the nation over.

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CRNA Week Lesson # 1 – What Does A CRNA Do?

If you’re unfamiliar with our health staffing program, you might be wondering what a CRNA does. A nurse anesthetist is a trained and accredited practice nurse whose role is to administer anesthesia and sedation for surgery or other major medical procedures. It’s a role that has evolved over the years to include any and all anesthesia-related procedures at most medical facilities. As you can imagine, this also means it’s an absolute cornerstone of most in-depth, invasive medical processes.

CRNA Week Lesson #2The Crucial Roles Of A CRNA

According The University of Kansas Medical Center, CRNA’s administer anesthesia and anesthesia-related care in four general categories. You can find them below!

  1. Pre-Anesthetic Preparation & Evaluation: This includes an in-depth analysis of the patient to evaluate their eligibility for anesthesia, as well as inform, educate, and prepare them for the effects.
  2. Anesthesia Induction, Maintenance & Emergence: This covers the actual process of inducing sedation.
  3. Post-Anesthesia Care: This consists of regulating an anesthetized patient’s recovery and ensuring there are no negative effects to their treatment.
  4. Perianesthetic & Clinical Support Functions: This covers, essentially, everything else; up to and including ancillary technology and techniques that are, nevertheless, crucial to the success of the overall anesthetic process.

How Can Jogan Health Help Anesthetists During CRNA Week?

Through our job board, we help CRNA’s find prospects all over the nation. We don’t just stop there, though! We also help them with lodging, transportation, communication, and other supplemental processes that are necessary to placing them in the perfect position; one where their skills and experience can truly shine. Join us in wishing them a happy week!

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