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Looking for a Nursing Job in Colorado? Jogan Health Can Help

healthcare positions

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healthcare positions

Jogan Health endeavors to keep our nurses and healthcare workers informed of crucial healthcare positions within our many staffing pools.

It’s one of the most important roles we offer our community. Whether you’re a travel nurse or a resident of Colorado, positions are open right now in this snowy, sunny wonderland of a state!

What Types Of Positions Do We Fill?

In order to keep all our followers informed of the healthcare positions we service, as well as the inimitable role they play in our community-building initiatives, our team has put together this short primer. Below, you can find three of the more popular positions we fill.

But remember: it doesn’t end here! If you don’t see your area of specialization on this list, don’t despair. Our job board is open to a host of different healthcare workers. You can filter by job type, location, and even keywords.

Healthcare Position: Registered Nurses

This one is a wide category, but we felt it needed mentioning. We are always looking for registered nurses to fill a host of roles. These folks are the Jogan’s bread and butter. We place them in roles that are perfectly tailored to both their personalities and financial needs, and we help with transport and lodging for travel nurses involved in the process.

Healthcare Position: Dialysis

A term you might have heard often, even if you’re not involved in healthcare, dialysis care technology consists of some of the most specialized, underrepresented talent in medical science. These folks ensure the continued care and monitoring of patients that are in need of dialysis. As you can imagine, it’s a role whose beneficiaries range from the mildly infirm to the terminally ill.

As such, nurses that administer dialysis are the unsung heroes of a lot of stories. They care for patients of all ages and help treat conditions like kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Injuries and conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and lupus can also lead to dialysis.

Healthcare Position: Certified Nursing Assistant

Otherwise known as a CNA, a certified nursing assistant helps patients with direct health care needs, often under the supervision of one of the registered nurses we mentioned previously. They also go by a host of names, from nursing assistant to nurse’s aid.

Whatever the nomenclature you choose, the importance of these staff members cannot be understated. They streamline medical operations and ensure key registered medical professionals can perform their tasks unhindered and as effectively as possible.

Colorado Is Full Of Adventure!

If you’re a local nurse looking for healthcare positions in Colorado, then you already know this! But, if you’re a travel nurse, and you’re wondering what fun activities you can get up to in Colorado while resting from your hard work, look no further. We have some perfect ideas, pooled together by our dedicated Colorado team.

  • Attend a Concert at Red Rocks: This iconic mountaintop venue has hosted such legendary acts as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Diana Ross.
  • Try Out Skiing or Snowboarding: Snow sports are, understandably, all the rage in this mountainous state. Boasting some of the most scenic and popular ski resorts in the world, Vale, Breckenridge, and Aspen are the perfect weekend getaway for your internal daredevil and extreme sports fan.
  • Sample Local Cuisine: The famous green chili pepper is but the tip of our culinary iceberg. Denver and Boulder are some of the most culturally diverse places in the country, and with that comes a host of options for your inner foodie. From Mexican to Chinese, and other East Asian foods, the centennial state is the place to dine!
  • Hiking Trails: With its bountiful natural beauty and diverse mountain ecosystem, Colorado is the perfect place for everything from nature walks, to frisbee, to full-on hiking trips.

Jogan Health is always on the lookout for more opportunities to provide placement, transport, and employment assistance to traveling and local nurses. Whether you’re interested in seeing the Rockies and meeting new people, or whether you’re already here, keeping the Jogan ship sailing smoothly, check out our job board below!

Just click the link and type “Colorado” into the search bar. Or you can use the drop-down “State” menu to select Colorado and type your desired keyword into the bar, then hit enter. We are ready to help you find your perfect fit! Contact us today!

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