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3 In-Demand NYC Nurse Jobs To Live Out Your Big Apple Dreams

NYC nurses talking and performing chart work

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What does your travel bucket list look like? Hawaii, California, Florida, Texas—well, if you’re anything like us, NYC is pretty close to the top of your travel list. With international cuisine, a theater mecca, and more historic landmarks than you can count on one hand, NYC is a nurse’s destination city. But what nurse jobs are available in NYC?

Check out some of the most in-demand NYC nurse jobs.

Nurse Jobs in NYC

Nurse Positions in New York: LPN

As medical professionals who specialize in providing basic, essential care to all sorts of patients, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are the bedrock of a host of treatment plans. Their roles often include caring for sick, injured, or disabled patients, monitoring patient vital signs, and ensuring a positive overall health condition. Every day, LPNs change bandages, insert catheters, and ensure the patients participate in their daily activities with success. For many patients, LPNs are the faces they see every day!

One is in Port Washington and consists of a rehab position. The second is in Bethpage, requires standard LPN experience, and entails traditional job responsibilities. The third waits in cultural Queens, and requires LPNs with experience in a long-term care setting for thirteen weeks of contract work.

Nurse Positions in New York: RN

Jogan Health is always looking to place registered nurses. We set them up in roles that are perfectly tailored to both their personalities and financial needs, and we help with transport and lodging for travel nurses involved in the process.

The job covers ER and ICU work, among a host of other responsibilities. It’s perfect for a registered traveling nurse looking for a change of pace!

Nurse Jobs in New York: CNA

Certified nursing assistants keep medical treatment plans running smoothly. They are the unsung heroes of the hospital, ensuring that the right tools are available to nurses and doctors, providing key knowledge and practical skills in times of high stress, and providing overall support for the rest of the crucial medical roles in their immediate vicinity.

How To Spend Your Time In NYC

Our team has compiled a list of activities you can fill your free time with when in the Big Apple. However, we encourage you to heed or ignore it as much as you want. After all, New York is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. There are a ton more fun things to do than just these four!

  1. Visit Museums: New York is home to hundreds of museums and exhibitions. Why not check out the Museum of Natural History or the MET? Or perhaps you want something more unique, like the Museum of the Moving Image, which is perfect for movie buffs. Whatever your tastes and preferences, NYC has a spot for you!
  2. See The Sights: New York is home to some of the most incredible architectural wonders in the world. Visit the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty! NYC is also full of hidden gems like Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, which houses a host of memorials and museums; the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, where the US Open is played; and the Queens Museum, which houses a large archive of artifacts from both the 1939 and 1964 World Fairs!
  3. Watch a Play: On or off Broadway, NYC is the place for drama. A play and dinner is always the perfect combination for a traveling nurse looking for a way to fill a night off!
  4. Eat a Ball Park Hot Dog: Whether you’re a Yankee or Met fan, New York eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball. Take a trip to the Bronx or Queens to watch your favorite player hit a home run!

Jogan Health Is Ready To Help You

Jogan Health specializes in alleviating our healthcare staffing system’s managerial and logistical burdens. We place local and traveling healthcare employees in viable positions. If you’re a local or traveling nurse looking for jobs, but you couldn’t find your perfect match here, check out our job board.

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