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Jogan Health was founded on the principle of helping communities in need during healthcare staffing shortages. We delivered hospital surge staffing and public health services to medical facilities and communities all over the country.

Today, we continue to put the care back into healthcare by reinventing staffing partnerships and expertly matching healthcare providers with facilities. We also provide public health services and emergency response consulting solutions. We continue to look forward and have expanded into offering innovative technological solutions to the healthcare community at large.

Today, however, we want to get real. What are we truly about? What drives us? Our strongest foundation are our four core values. In order to keep our readers informed, we’ve broken down each value, what they mean in practical application, and how we choose to honor them. Check it out below!

Jogan Health’s Values


Our first value is trust, and it’s also one of the most important ones. Healthcare providers across the nation trust us with their information, job-seeking process, and dreams. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Whenever a medical professional clicks on a listing on our job board, we want the end result to be a fulfilled person thriving in the right position. Our loyalty to our team members is never negotiable, and we do everything in our power to reward their trust with effective, accessible job placement.


The idea was always to approach healthcare staffing differently: by understanding the impact these professionals can have on their community, emphasizing the human relationships that are the power source for our healthcare system, and – above all – prioritizing the needs of our providers. This is why we focus on placing the appropriate professionals in the medical facilities where they’re most needed, and help mitigate disasters and mass emergencies with training and workshops. It’s the only way to build a resilient and thriving community.


Innovation is the way we achieve every other core tenet. We have always placed our trust in the creative process. Led by disruptors and creators, our team constantly pushes the envelope on technology, and employs it to facilitate key social functions like healthcare staffing, traffic management, and even hydration awareness. If it benefits the health of the community at large, you can bet we’ll be the first ones there!


Empathy is at the center of it all. If we had to pick one value that speaks the most to our mission, it’s this one. It’s embedded in our very origin story. Our communities were unsafe, but instead of waiting on others to take the first step, Jogan Health ran into the fray headfirst. That original response team, and every iteration that came after, deserves the upmost respect and gratitude for the effect they had. In the end, cutting-edge technology, high-end facilities, and top-of-the-line care mean nothing without the human connection. It is people that power both healthcare and communities, and this is why empathy for each and every person is a must at our organization.

Jogan Health Is Here To Help!

If you’re a healthcare provider looking for placement, our staffing services are ready and waiting. Contact us today!

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