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Jogan Health and HidrateSpark Announce Partnership

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Together, two organizations are bringing hydration and health into hospitals and healthcare facilities in the community. The partnership will offer the world’s first non-invasive healthcare solution to remotely monitor the fluid intake of patients. Learn more below!

ENGLEWOOD, CO, December 2, 2022 – Hidrate Inc. (HidrateSpark®) today announced a partnership with Jogan Health to exclusively distribute the world’s first healthcare solution for hydration automation and remote monitoring of fluid intake. Jogan Health and Hidrate Inc will collaborate to offer this healthcare solution to ensure seamless hydration tracking, while significantly reducing human error and time spent manually tracking fluid intake in many healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and in-home health care. 

Jogan Health, a Colorado-based company, administered more than 1 million vaccine doses and helped staff more than 200 healthcare facilities during the pandemic. They successfully reinvented healthcare staffing and protected communities through unprecedented private-public partnerships and staffing initiatives. Jogan is currently building upon their success to provide staffing for emergency management agencies, including mass care support, medical team support, incident management and support, short-term, long-term recovery services, and other resiliency services. They also provide comprehensive healthcare services for public health and epidemiological services, including contact tracing and case investigation. Now, Jogan Health is expanding their business to become an industry leader in the post-COVID world. They are leveraging their staffing infrastructure and national presence as trusted healthcare partners to be the exclusive distributor of HidrateSpark solutions for healthcare. 

“The world is changing, and we are changing with it, expanding the types of healthcare staffing we offer and the services we offer around the country,” said Dan Dietrich, president and CEO of Jogan Health. “Our exciting partnership with HidrateSpark will further allow us to pursue our goal of expanding our offerings that improve the health and wellbeing of humans.  We put people first and stand behind products designed with people in mind.  It’s easy for us to welcome the innovative HidrateSpark product line into the Jogan Health offerings and we’re excited to introduce this partnership to the healthcare industry.”

HidrateSpark utilizes proprietary smart sensors on the bottom of fluid containers to automatically track the amount and time of each sip a patient takes, down to the mL, and syncs that data to a cloud dashboard for simple remote monitoring. These sensors and the accompanying software utilize behavior change technology in the form of glowing reminders to drink, which have been clinically proven accurate at tracking and effective at improving fluid intake within clinic trials. 

“Since HidrateSpark’s inception, it has been our goal to leverage our hydration tracking technology to serve the healthcare industry, with the ultimate mission of helping to improve patient outcomes and quality of life,” said Coleman Iverson, Founder and Co-CEO of Hidrate Inc. “We have formed a game changing partnership with Jogan Health to commercialize our healthcare solution and bring this vision to life. This partnership will demonstrate how new technology brings valuable improvements to the healthcare system, in ways that are cost effective for providers and can be life-changing for patients.”

Jogan Health plans to launch customer pilots for the HidrateSpark solution in 2023.

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