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Jogan Health Celebrates Nurses Month

Happy Nurses Month!

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Jogan Health celebrates Nurses Month by recognizing the people who have sacrificed time and effort working on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic.

An example of Jogan’s ongoing tribute to nurses can be seen here. As part of its tribute to nurses during Nurses Month, Jogan Health is also sharing stories of its working nurses. 

With a mission to “care for caregivers and care for communities,” Jogan has administered more than 1 million COVID vaccine doses, set up more than 4,000 mobile clinics and helped staff more than 200 facilities with healthcare professionals during the pandemic.

“We could not have accomplished any of this without the trusted and dedicated nurses who work for us and with us,” says Bernie Presutti, Jogan’s Vice President of Human Resources.

“Our company prides itself on being a dependable partner to everyone involved in healthcare – agencies, facilities and, of course, the patients who require care. But the nurses have been our foundation. We want to share our appreciation for them, not only during Nurses Month, but every single day of the year.”

How Does Jogan Help During Nurses Month?

Along with staffing nurses and other healthcare professionals, Jogan sets up turnkey vaccination and testing services in communities of all sizes. It also offers comprehensive public health and epidemiological services, including contact tracing and case investigation.

Due to the company’s rapid growth, Jogan has taken steps to offer unparalleled support to its nurses. An example of this support is the fact that the company provides full benefits to both permanent and contract employees, including hundreds of nurses working at sites around the country. To facilitate growth, the company has implemented a new state-of-art payroll system and upgraded its customer service department to provide support to nurses in the field.

“Nurses provide care, so we feel it’s important that we provide care for nurses,” explained Presutti. “As we celebrate Nurses Month, it is our hope that everyone shows their appreciation for nurses and recognizes the role they play in communities they serve.”

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