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Corporate Wellness Programs Can Reduce Chronic Dehydration

HidrateSpark App being used

In recent years, new studies have shown a new trend of dehydration across American adults. We all know the human body is made up of 55-65% water, and yet over 70% of adults suffer from chronic dehydration. This is a staggering set of statistics that takes on a different weight and severity when seen in […]

Jogan Health and HidrateSpark Announce Partnership

Jogan Heart

Together, two organizations are bringing hydration and health into hospitals and healthcare facilities in the community. The partnership will offer the world’s first non-invasive healthcare solution to remotely monitor the fluid intake of patients. Learn more below! ENGLEWOOD, CO, December 2, 2022 – Hidrate Inc. (HidrateSpark®) today announced a partnership with Jogan Health to exclusively distribute the world’s first […]

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