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Announcing the Ticket Giveaway Winners

Aubrey holding the choice ticket

Healthcare Staffing Caregiver Spotlight Healthcare Providers Jogan Resources Jogan Stories Nurses Press Releases Announcing the Ticket Giveaway Winners!   Jogan Health announces the ticket giveaway winners Aubrey and Eneida. These two healthcare providers were respectfully invited to the Eras Tour and Little Big Town. After two months of being active, the Jogan Health Concert Ticket […]

Jogan Health Honors Incredible Story in the Face of Adversity

CEO Dan Dietrich, influencer Nurse Johnn, Katherine, Brand Manager Nicole Zimmerman, and Laura getting ready to kick-off an evening of making memories at the Taylor Swift concert.

Healthcare Staffing Caregiver Spotlight Healthcare Providers Jogan Resources Jogan Stories Nurses Press Releases A Story of Strength in the Face of Adversity ENGLEWOOD, Colo., July 20, 2023 In a move that displays true empathy, Jogan Health offered two tickets to Katherine Gibson and her sister Laura. Unlike concert ticket winners from the Jogan Health Concert Ticket Giveaway, this gesture stems […]

New Partnership Between the Gypsy Nurse and Jogan Health


Staffing Innovator Jogan Health Partners with Premiere Platform “The Gypsy Nurse” to Provide Open Positions to Traveling Nurses Jogan Health has taken yet another step in broadening its reach. This time, the organization is partnering with “The Gypsy Nurse,” an online travel nursing resource, to post open positions and share helpful tips with providers. pulvinar […]

7 Tips for Nurses To Cope With Migraines

nurse in blue sitting on the floor

One of the main symptoms of healthcare provider burnout is recurring migraines. This highlights the importance of migraine and headache awareness! In fact, South Indian researchers conducted a study in 2021 and determined that students entering the healthcare profession were already at a potentially elevated risk for these effects. It might be tempting to blame the recent surge in […]

Importance of Diversity in Healthcare

diverse healthcare providers

The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving landscape and has become more diverse of late. Medical programs, for example, have seen a noticeable uptick in diversity. Furthermore, studies have shown that this trend is strongly tied to increased creativity, innovation, and decision-making on behalf of healthcare providers. But what if initiatives to foster diversity in healthcare […]

Artificial Intelligence in Nursing is Not New

artificial hand shaking a mans hand

Though the conversation about AI development and implementation is one almost every industry is having right now, with healthcare, it’s a bit different. This is because, specifically in areas like nursing, AI has already been aiding healthcare providers for years. Artificial intelligence in nursing is already changing the framework of patient care and nursing jobs. […]

Jogan Health Offers Taylor Swift and George Strait Tickets to Healthcare Providers


In Surprise Move, Jogan Health Offers Taylor Swift and George Strait Tickets to Healthcare Providers for Free The healthcare giant honors healthcare providers by offering chance to win two tickets to either Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour or George Strait, Little Big Town, guaranteeing use of their private viewing suite at Empower Field at Mile High. ENGLEWOOD, […]

Debt to Profit Featuring Dan Dietrich

Dan Dietrich & Dave Taylor

From $300,000+ in credit card debt to over $1Billion in Profit At Jogan Health, we are always proud of the ways our ingenious thought-leaders, professionals, and disruptors are improving the community. On March 3rd, our CEO Dan Dietrich spoke to Dave Tabor, host of Colorado-based podcast PROCO360, about the incredible success of his initiatives. Learn […]

History of Women in Healthcare

healthcare positions

With Women’s History Month in full swing, Jogan Health wanted to honor the legacy of women in healthcare. We want to give our followers a history lesson on their importance to the field. When we talk about the role of women in this industry, a lot of folks might visualize a story of minimal influence, […]

Corporate Wellness Programs Can Reduce Chronic Dehydration

HidrateSpark App being used

In recent years, new studies have shown a new trend of dehydration across American adults. We all know the human body is made up of 55-65% water, and yet over 70% of adults suffer from chronic dehydration. This is a staggering set of statistics that takes on a different weight and severity when seen in […]

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